We have multiple reasons that could help you decide! Let's Start with the most Important...
The Smell!
Our Air fresheners have been through a lot of chemical changes that have perfected them over a period of 20 years and the chemists listened to the opinion of millions of people that bought them.
They offer a pleasant smell throughout the range of different fragrances without giving you the sensation that is too strong but also allowing you to feel relaxed by their scent.

how long they last?

Paloma Car Air Fresheners

Aguaranteed 60 days lasting smell(2 months) but their smell doesn't STOP here because even if they have been opened but NOT poured onto the succulent cardboard they can still smell once poured even after 1 year.
You the choice to choose how strong they would smell and also how long they last! (depends how much liquid you pour on the cardboard).
The Choice is all yours.

If you see them in a shop you can test them by pump pressing on their packaging.

Let's make some simple math.

A cheap air freshener that would cost you 1£ would last you between 1 and up to 3 weeksbut let's be honest 3 weeks probably if you stick them to your nose.

If you want to have constant smell for 2 months or 8 weeks you would have to buy 4x 1£ air fresheners meaning that you have to travel 4 times or buy them all 4 at once and occupy space in your car.

Ask yourself is it worth the hassle?

You could get 1 that lasts you 8 weeks guaranteed and save yourself time, money and space for Only 3£.( or buy 2 for 5£ and save even more)