B33 Boost Cleaner Extra (Snow Foam)

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B33 Boost Cleaner Extra is an over-powerful and very concentrated pre-wash product formulated for all kind of vehicles: cars, trucks, vans, buses.

Adapted to be used in low and high-pressure pre-wash.

Thanks to its rigorously chosen ingredients, B33 Boost Cleaner Extra removes easily every kind of dirt you can find on a vehicle such as traffic film, hydrocarbons, muds, insects, brake dust, etc…

B33 Boost Cleaner Extra gives an abundant and smooth foam.

B33 Boost Cleaner Extra can be used with every kind of water hardness.

B33 Boost Cleaner Extra does not tarnish the paintings.

Gives extra protection to the car body, making it easier to wash even after one wash!

Make your car shiny again following some simple steps!

Wash the car in 3 fast and easy  steps in under 4 minutes :

1 Spray the car with water

2 Apply the snow foam with a foaming gun (see our accessories page) after that let it act for about 1 minute or more. (see our technical sheet)

3 Rinse with water using a pressure washer.

It is safe to be used on any vehicle, doesn't damage chrome and doesn't leave stains!

Dilution rate is adjustable depending on the degree of dirt.

Minimum dilution rate's:

-50mgl of B33 Boost Cl.Extra in 950ml of water (0.5%) 

-100ml of B33 Boost Cl.Extra in 900ml of water (1%)(recommended dosage for good washing results)

Please Use accordingly in order to have a thick foam and a touchless wash!


Available in 500ml, 5L OR 25L.

 Delivery charges apply!!

500ml- 2.79£ Shipping

5L -2.99£ Shipping

25L 10£ Shipping

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Customer Reviews

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Snow foam test

Bought a sample of this foam. I have used several types of foams and currently using Autosmarts mousse. I find that this foam goes on well and clings well. Does take off dirt more than the autosmart which is good not sure of PH balanced so could strip protection off the vehicles? Overall pretty good and well worth it for the price.

Best prewash I have used by far

Iv used lots of snow foam pre washes and this has to be the best one yet. And iv tried most of the main brands

Good product

Very good product. Good cleaning power and unbelievable dilution ratios. Works well in the winter months as a foam or an apc.


Product the best I’ve used so far reduced cleaning time by half brilliant

Superb, highly concentrated

Totally blown away by this pre wash snow foam. Super concentrated, I used 50ml in 500ml water through my foam cannon. This produced a thick foam with excellent cling. I left the product to dwell for 3 minutes and jet washed off. Excellent results on bodywork and tyres. Full review with pictures on my Instagram @BearShiny